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We have three cookbooks: Simple Feel Good Food, Love & Lemons Every Day, and The Love & Lemons Cookbook. Learn which one(s) are right for you!

Love & Lemons Simple Feel Good Food Cookbook

1. Love & Lemons Simple Feel Good Food

Love & Lemons Simple Feel Good Food (a New York Times bestseller!) is our newest cookbook.

This book is designed to make your everyday meals simpler, fresher, and more delicious.

  • Half the recipes are “at-the-ready” recipes, which are easy to make with on-hand ingredients.
  • The other half are “in advance” recipes, which you can prep ahead.

ALL the recipes are packed with fresh produce and bold, bright flavors. The whole book is vegetarian, and over 100 recipes are vegan or have a vegan option.

Cookbook open to Creamy Cauliflower Enchiladas recipe, showing enchiladas topped with radishes, cilantro, and chiles

Simple Feel Good Food is organized into sections by meal type.

Sample sections include…

  • Quick Weekday Breakfasts
  • Sturdy Packable Salads
  • One-Pot Soups
  • Easy Meatless Mains
  • Sheet Pan Dinners
  • and Make-Ahead Desserts

Cookbook open to grain bowl chart

Simple Feel Good Food has fun features like…

  • Love & Lemons signature graphics and charts, like a Guide to Grain Bowls and Shaking Up Shakshuka.
  • 3-in-1 meal plans. In this section, I’ve developed 3 dinner recipes that share a grocery list. You’ll do most of the cooking on day 1 so that your prep will be streamlined on days 2 and 3. Leftover components from day 1 flow into days 2 and 3, but they transform into a totally different recipe each time. You’ll never have to eat the same thing twice!

Learn more about Simple Feel Good Food here!

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Love and Lemons Every Day Cookbook

2. Love & Lemons Every Day

My second cookbook, Love & Lemons Every Day, is a comprehensive resource for vegetarian cooking.

Organized by meal type, it features 100+ super flavorful vegetarian recipes perfect for special occasion dinners, quick weekday breakfasts, and everything in between. If a recipe isn’t already vegan or gluten-free, I nearly always include instructions on how to adapt it.

A Giant Grid of Salad Dressing from Love & Lemons Every Day

Love & Lemons Every Day has handy reference charts, like

  • A Giant Grid of Salad Dressings,
  • How to Roast Any Vegetable,
  • and A Flexible Guide to Homemade Vegetable Broth.

It also has fun, mix and match recipe spreads at the end of each chapter.

  • These include 5 flavorful weeknight pastas,
  • 6 ways to upgrade scrambled eggs,
  • and The Anatomy of a Snack Board.

Learn more about Love & Lemons Every Day here!

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The Love and Lemons Cookbook

3. The Love & Lemons Cookbook

The Love & Lemons Cookbook is my first cookbook.

This book is for the vegetable lovers in your life.

It’s organized by produce type from A to Z.

Chapters include Apples, Tomatoes, Winter Squash, and more!

It’s perfect for using your farmers market finds.

It includes 100+ plant-forward recipes that are simple to make with minimal ingredients. They’re the kind of dishes you want to toss together to showcase peak-season blackberries or a gorgeous bunch of rainbow carrots. All are vegetarian, and I share vegan and gluten-free variations whenever possible.

I also share my best tips for cooking with what you have, teaching you how to create your own plant-forward meals without a recipe.

Like my other cookbooks, it has mix and match recipe charts.

They include creative twists on hummus, pesto, fruit smoothies, and more!

Learn more about The Love & Lemons Cookbook here!

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