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Douluo s Longmen redundant son-in-law

Douluo s Longmen redundant son-in-law

Douluo s Longmen redundant son-in-law

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2377 ratings
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    Douluo s Longmen redundant son-in-law
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    People who like quiet
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    Mountain Book
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(no system, also super God) learn to know the eternal supreme god dragon chufeng, and return to Douluo mainland 500 million years ago with six brothers and sisters for love, just for the girl who was good to him. After coming back, conquer everything by strength. He is unreasonable, has a Buddhist attitude, is warm-hearted and doesn't do anything serious. It's impossible to fight one by one in front of the teammates. As a result, one punch is a soul fight in the early stage and one punch is a great God in the later stage. Brothers and sisters are brothers and sisters... PS: Tang San won't be abused in the early stage, and the protagonist won't, but those brothers will be controlled. Of course, Tang San won't die in the later stage. Because there's still Dou 234. Poseidon must also be the most famous, otherwise what about the Poseidon Pavilion of Shrek in duel two? Once again, Dou Yi will not be too interspersed with Dou 234. Dou Er will never accept Tang Wutong, and Dou San will never abuse Gu Yuena. The protagonist of Dou Si must be a woman. What else do you like? Let's comment in the book circle.

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