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Yinghai realm of strange land

Yinghai realm of strange land

Yinghai realm of strange land

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    Yinghai realm of strange land
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    There is a moon in the north
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    Wine Novel
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2022-10-24 01:45:42
The story takes place in the late Southern Song Dynasty. The confrontation between song and Mongolia, the Mongolian cavalry going south, social unrest, political instability, and the imperial court is corrupt. Lu Yan, the owner of Phoenix stone, experienced several reincarnations and caught up with the troubled times of the Southern Song Dynasty. Later, he took part in the imperial examination in the capital, but encountered strange things one after another. After losing the list, he saw through the decline of the imperial court of the Southern Song Dynasty. In order to save the country from danger, he decided to go to sea to look for the legendary sky sword. He didn't want to enter a strange country overseas - Yinghai country. However, here he met his lover, Knowing his previous life, Yinghai was strange and mysterious, but Lu Yan also encountered the situation of the great song dynasty. The monarch was controlled and the powerful officials were in charge. Lu Yan and his lover Jing Xin experienced hardships again and again. They found the sky sword and solved a difficult problem in a strange and treacherous environment. They thwarted his plot several times in the battle with his opponent Zhang Yiyuan, And finally use the power of justice to eradicate demons and evil spirits, so as to restore the calm of Yinghai. However, there is a long way to go, and the great Song Dynasty's sudden change has just begun.

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