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Anime women don t hate me

Anime women don t hate me

Anime women don t hate me

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    Anime women don t hate me
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    Da Lang beat the wolf
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    Passion Novel
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2023-05-15 14:05:02
The new world's richest man, Mr. Nan Tiao Zhao, has various titles such as "human beauty responsibility", "industry guiding light" and "super love everyone" people in the world think he has a boundless life, but they don't know that he once complained secretly in a corner: "I really don't want to get the help of Sigong Huiye and 3000 Yuan Yu." "in fact, I especially want to reduce their initial favor for me and get rich rewards from the system." "The most important thing is that I can become the richest man in the world, which has fully proved that my talent is also outstanding. At any rate, pay attention to my personal ability and don't always stare at the gossip about me!" tut Tut, is this a good deal when I get a bargain?

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