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I m an immortal official in heaven

I m an immortal official in heaven

I m an immortal official in heaven

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    I m an immortal official in heaven
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    Han Han Taoist
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    Health Books
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2023-05-29 10:50:56
"The way of heaven? Where is the way of heaven? The Jade Emperor is the way of heaven!" "the Buddhist sutra? No! The jade law of heaven, OK!" "the sun star shines on all things according to the decree of the Jade Emperor, bald head reflects light, shaving head is to resist the heaven!" "anyone who dares to disobey the rules of heaven must not be soft when surpassing them!" the Jade Emperor: "I have learned the lesson, like a fish in water." Supreme Daozu: "heaven has no relatives, and constancy is with good people, with the exception of Fang Jian!" Tathagata Buddha: "when you use the word Amitabha to all sentient beings, it is a simple language of praise. But when the other person uses it, it will become a curse. Do you understand?"

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