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My tolerance village is the fourth disaster

My tolerance village is the fourth disaster

My tolerance village is the fourth disaster

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    My tolerance village is the fourth disaster
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    Fire to dragon paradise
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    Cool Novel
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2023-05-18 17:07:34
Heizeyun crossed the forbearance world, from the Jianghu God stick to being recommended as the star shadow of Xingren village, so the construction system of forbearance village was opened under the call of the system, the four natural disasters came to the tolerance world and became the ninja of Xingren village at this moment, messages came from the chat area of the world channel one after another "there are seven copies of Ninja sabres. Matt can kill four and hurt three when wearing eight doors. It shouldn't be a problem for me to destroy all my soul chopping sabres [team up]." "woodleaf Copy + + + +, my fighting Tyrannosaurus Rex can carry nine tails. Don't advise! [team]" "old, weak, sick and disabled version of yuzhiboban copy, I know the location. Come to a thousand people group to dance, and I will start up freely before departure. [team]" "According to the progress, the yuzhibo family can be persuaded to join the forbearance village before the night of extermination. It is no longer a dream to write wheel eyes and buckle them down." "I'm undercover Qin wine. Xiao will come to Xingren village to recruit workers in the near future. Find someone to ask Lord Xingying. He's still uneasy to be undercover this time. The whole Xiaodu will be fed by our ninjas soon." "some people know whether the members of shell organization were born or not." key words: Wood leaf, fire shadow, writing wheel eye, reincarnation eye, reincarnation eye.

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