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Immortal Emperor: from life exchange

Immortal Emperor: from life exchange

Immortal Emperor: from life exchange

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    Immortal Emperor: from life exchange
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    Light street in the mirror
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    Woske Novel
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2022-09-11 18:19:18
Wusoul continent the strong are respected, and the weak have a life like grass there are countless demons coming back to life, ghosts with different aspirations, and cholera in the world in this dark and turbulent alien continent on a busy stall street in Xuanmin City, there is a place that has been neglected for a long time, which seems out of place with the surroundings the stall owner here has dishevelled hair and thin clothes with some damage. He looks like a beggar he seems to be sleeping. His right hand is on a wooden plaque a line of seven words are engraved on the wooden plaque: "ten years of life yuan..." a sad woman walked slowly towards this side and looked at the words on the wooden plaque and muttered bitter bass this book is also known as "Immortal Emperor: starting from life exchange" and "setting up a stall at the beginning: as long as I trade, I'm invincible!" invincible starts with Shouyuan transaction

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