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Become a demon hunter

Become a demon hunter

Become a demon hunter

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2928 ratings
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    Become a demon hunter
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    Madman girl
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    Yipin Books
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2022-08-05 17:47:29
The sky shed gorgeous meteorites and the earth shook violently earth shaking changes have taken place in the whole world. There are mysterious space tunnels on the earth. For a time, when governments around the world have not responded, there are endless demons in the space tunnel. They are raging and killing, blood and corpses everywhere with the power of modern science and technology, bullets, shells and even nuclear bombs cannot resist the invasion of demons. when mankind is about to perish, the gods in ancient myths gradually wake up. They strive to kill the demons, and batch after batch of demons emerge from the space tunnel and invade the earth. In the future, seven demon kings came to the earth, and their strength was far more terrible and cruel than ordinary demons. Unfortunately, the gods have long exhausted their divine power against the seven warlords and many demons. Finally, the gods use life as the medium to seal the seven warlords and thousands of Warcraft in the space tunnel our hero, Mu Yunsheng, was born in the magic world thousands of years later - ordinary people as an ordinary person who has been an ordinary person for 17 years, strange things from heaven hit our hero and awakened the blood of demon hunting. I thought that from then on, we could go to the road of life. Like the protagonist of the novel, magical things were readily available. Who ever thought that the power of demon hunting was only half awakened and became a pseudo demon hunter, It is considered that you can't be a demon hunter for a lifetime how will he change his fate and become the protagonist of the novel? All the answers are in the article.

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